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2015 Aerial Photo

          Wholesale Housing Inc is Canada’s only true wholesaler of bungalows and mobile homes. We represent Fairmont Homes Inc which is one of the largest manufacturers of homes in the U.S. We have the most exciting modular housing product available to the Canadian market today. Fairmont Homes manufactures 100 to 300 bungalows/mobiles each month.

            The most dramatic feature of Fairmont Homes is their (Amish-made) Maple and Oak hardwood cabinetry. To our knowledge this is the only manufacturer that has this exceptional cabinetry. 

             Wholesale Housing has been in the housing industry for 30 years and feel confident in stating, “Fairmont has the best homes at the best prices available to Canadians today”. We have delivered  to northern Alberta and the Yukon, (3500 miles) and everywhere we go the purchasers say this is the best housing product available in Canada, and the homes arrive in far better condition than all other manufacturers.

           We delivered 17 homes to First Nations, over the roughest ice roads in Ontario.  The largest homes ever to be transported over these roads. Imagine all these homes transported over frozen lakes and through the bush, hundreds of kilometers, without even a “popped drywall screw”.
         Due to Fairmont’s massive production capability, they can offer housing at prices Canadians pay just to buy the materials. Additionally the average builder cannot match the perfection of a Fairmont home.





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