Our 5 Step Process



STEP #1. Wholesale Housing Inc. provides current pricing on the website for the average size models in all the provinces. Provide us with your exact location and we will give you a more accurate price for your model, installed by our crew, on your proposed foundation.
STEP #2. Fairmont Homes will provide a “submittal set of engineering drawings”, for the customer to take to their local municipality for a building permit. When the customer is assured of a permit, Wholesale Housing Inc. will contact your building inspector to make sure the homes meets or exceeds all local requirements.
STEP #3. If the purchaser is getting financing, Wholesale Housing will contact the Lending institution, provide them with our “Letter of Direction”, and discuss terms that are satisfactory to all parties.
STEP #4. The purchaser will select the options and Wholesale Housing will provide a set of specializations and an exact price based on the options the Purchaser has selected. Note: any upgrades are sold at our Dealer cost.
STEP #5. The Lending institution will require an invoice and a copy of specifications of the model selected by the Purchaser.

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