1. Does your home require a building permit?
Yes, Fairmont provides a complete set of CSA A277 engineering drawings for you to submit to your local building inspector for a permit.
2. Do you provide the foundation?
No, but our CSA A277 engineering drawings makes it easy. Giving this package to your local foundation contractor should provide all the information he needs.
3. How complete are your homes? Are they move in ready? 
Yes, our modular homes and mobile homes are likely the only homes in Canada that are 100% complete with; Mini blinds, curtains, shutters, furnace, water heater, paddle fan lights, fixtures,  smoke detectors, exterior faucet, exterior receptacle, etc., etc. Check our website under “Bungalow standard options” for a complete listing.
4. What building codes do your homes meet?
Fairmont Homes meets the Canadian CSA A277 Standard which will meet or exceed all of your necessary building codes.
5. How does a modular home differ from a site built home?
The most important difference is that a modular home is built inside a factory with dry materials. This eliminates expansion and contraction which can make site building very difficult.
 6. How long does it take to get my home once I order?
Start to finish from the date of order is approximately 8-14 weeks depending upon conditions such as foundations, size of home and distance to transport.
7. What types of foundations does this home go on?
The home can be placed on any foundation that the purchaser and the building inspector agree on.
8. Do you provide brick exteriors?
No, this must be provided by a local contractor after we install the home.
9. Do you provide financing for your homes?
We have an extensive list of banks that have already provided financing for our homes. These banks are quite enthusiastic as our homes appraise for much more than our wholesale prices. Check our website under “Our Happy Banks” for a complete listing.

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